What the Heck Just Happened at Yellowstone? [Video]

Things got a bit bizarre on the evening of April 21 at one of the thermal vents belonging to the increasingly active Yellowstone caldera.

A video of the incidents has been posted to YouTube but result in more questions than answers.

It Starts With a Body…

In the video posted by YouTuber Kat Martin, the vent can be seen in the dark of night, spewing steam and heat into the cold Wyoming air. Within seconds the flashing lights of a local EMT vehicle arrive on scene and two responders are then seen carrying a backboard to the roadside across from where they parked.

Flashlights in hand, the EMT techs appear to inspect what looks like an unconscious or dead person lying on the side of the road. The video shifts crazily a bit and returns to focus on the emergency lights of the ambulance. Shortly afterwards, the team and vehicle drive off.

…And Ends With a Bang

Within minutes after the EMTs departed the scene, a fast moving bright light in the sky can be seen racing from the horizon directly to the area of the vent.

As it closes in, it explodes into brilliancy as it races overhead.

When it passes, the video shows what looks like a police car with lights flashing positioned at a point in the road where the body had been.

The Daily Star reviewed the video and determined that the airborne object descended rapidly on the scene and did impact with the ground, yet the video fails to corroborate this.

What is it?

Martin included her comments to the posted video, writing:

“PLEASE READ THIS…This happened on 4/21/2018. I hesitated to post this because I am not sure what exactly this is here. I sat on it, until I could search for news, and haven’t found a thing. So I decided to go ahead and post it in the hopes someone may know what happened.

The rangers bring a board over to an area where the ground is all stirred up, then it shows them shining a flashlight onto something ….I can’t tell what it is….a back pack? A person on the ground? But looking at it, it almost looks like a person, but it doesn’t look right….maybe an animal?”

The video has been viewed, so far, over 27,000 times and is eliciting all sorts of responses.

Some thought the event had something to do with UFOs, others worried that the scene was the result of an impending eruption of the super volcano. But others, like YouTube user Ben Ferraiuolo, offered the following theory:

“I have not seen any news about this yet about this certain event. But, the morning after this they found a dead body in Yellowstone River. If that person lying on the ground on the Old Faithful webcam was really a person, then maybe these two events are connected.

There was a heightened increase of sulfur dioxide during this time. But not enough to kill or hurt a person. But details of the sulfur dioxide emissions down to the yardage cannot be found out. So there could be small strong pockets of sulfur dioxide hurting people near Yellowstone especially since the magma intrusion at Yellowstone Lake. Crazy stuff lately and thank you for posting this. God bless.”

A Growing Threat

For over a year, the Yellowstone caldera has been growing more and more active.

Scientists recently found out that the magma chamber below ground was much larger than previously thought and was much closer to the surface than expected.

Emissions of sulfur dioxide have recently killed over a hundred buffalo in the area and scores of other wildlife as well.

Seismologists warn that when the caldera erupts, it will change history. It is estimated that at least 87,000 people will die immediately, with millions more to follow due to the ‘nuclear winter’ that would descend on two-thirds of the country, rendering these regions uninhabitable.

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