Japanese Farmers Turn to Wolf-Like Creature for Protection

It looks and sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror flick. With eyes that glow a menacing red, white fangs and inhuman howls, a new creature is stalking the rice paddies and agricultural fields of Japan.

It is called the Super Monster Wolf and stands 20 inches tall and is around 25 ½ inches long.

Oh and it costs about $4,800 to buy.

The creature is a solar powered robot wolf designed to scare away scavengers and other animals from farms and rice paddies throughout Japan, writes The Sun.

Trial runs of the beast took place in Kisarazu City, Japan where the robot guarded chestnut and rice fields. According to Japan’s Agricultural Cooperative, less crops were lost with the robot prowling up to almost 2 miles stretches of land.

To prevent animals and possibly humans from getting used to the robowolf, programmers have developed a variety of howls it will emit, along with blinking red eyes when it detects movement. The creation also runs entirely on solar energy.

The Sun remarks:

“Chihiko Umezawa of the agricultural cooperative told the Chiba Nippo newsite that the device can cover around one kilometer, suggesting it is more effective than an electric fence.

“Farmers will also have the option to rent the wolf on a monthly lease if they can’t afford to buy one.”

The robowolf is now entering mass production and will soon be scaring the s%&t out of people on a regular basis.

Leave it to the Japanese to increase the creepiness factor of robotics to 11.

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