Experts at University of Texas Launch Controversial Program Aimed at Men

Turn on any TV show or watch any commercial and what you will most likely see are scenes with characters consisting of strong, smart women and dopey and weak men.

Those of you with children in high school or college have most likely heard of Academia’s crusade against ‘toxic masculinity’.

Now, one Texas university is attempting to slap a medical motivation behind dangerous masculinity, reports PJ Media.

Tyranny of the Technocrats

At the University of Texas at Austin, the Counseling and Mental Health Center has initiated a campaign to tell men that their traits of masculinity are barriers to a balanced mental health.

The crusade, called “MasculinUT”, implores men to “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.”

Across the campus, a variety of posters are plastered on walls, much like propaganda material that used to be found in the Soviet Union and can still be found in Communist China.

In Big Brother fashion, the placards instruct men to shed their personas and create a “healthy model of masculinity.”

PJ Media writes, “The program is predicated on a critique of so-called ‘restrictive masculinity.’ Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to ‘act like a man’ or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being ‘successful’ or ‘the breadwinner.’”

Incredibly, the program takes issue with the masculine traits of aiding people and being ‘active’.  These, according to the counselors, are barriers to the development of true emotional maturity.

“If you are a male student at UT reading this right now, we hope that learning about this helps you not to feel guilty about having participated in these definitions of masculinity, and instead feel empowered to break the cycle!” the program offers.

The university is currently in the process of hiring more counselors to push the message that men suffer from a disease called manhood.


Om April 29, the University of Texas issued the following statement:

“The MasculinUT program does not treat masculinity as a ‘mental health issue,’ and any such statements are simply not accurate. It was established to bring more men to the table to address interpersonal violence, sexual assault and other issues.

Like other UT programs related to sexual assault and interpersonal violence, MasculinUT is housed administratively in the university’s Counseling and Mental Health Center. Its goals include helping men explore ways to reduce sexual violence, helping students take responsibility for their actions, and fostering healthier relationships on campus and beyond.

These are important goals that we strongly stand behind. It has become clear that some of the communication and discussion surrounding MasculinUT did not convey this fully or clearly and was not effective at reaching the broad audiences the program envisioned. As a result, we will be reviewing the website and other content to ensure that it serves the program’s goals and will make any appropriate changes as we receive feedback from stakeholders.

Earlier this year, The University of Texas System Board of Regents approved funding for mental health, student safety, and alcohol-related initiatives including efforts to reduce sexual assaults on campus. The new staff position that will oversee this program, and coordinate with other UT System schools, is part of those efforts funded by the Regents.”

The statement clashes starkly with the posters and published material released by the counselors prior to the 29th.

Viewed objectively, the program is an amalgamation of gobbledygook and similar attempts to run programs in other schools, like UNC-Chapel Hill and Northwestern, have been accompanied with the footnote that there is not any evidence such campaigns work.

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